It's OK for intellectual feminists to like fashion

Blog title from Hadley Freeman's book The Meaning of Sunglasses : "Prada styles itself as the label it's OK for intellectual feminists to like".

The author is a bilingual fashion editor, writer and translator with a serious blog, cinema and magazine habit.

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  1. You’ll see, it will look great with a tan - Sorry M’am, nothing goes with sunburn
  2. You’ll see it will look great after your bikini diet - Jeez thanks, you shouldn’t have
  3. Girls taller than you have tried it and it looked amazing on them - Good for them, now let’s talk about me
  4. I’m not familiar with your problem, I’m a size 0 myself - Please get out
  5. If your hips weren’t larger than your waist these trousers would fit perfectly - Physically impossible but I appreciate your contribution
  6. If you cut 20cm off it will be the perfect length - I just love hemming that much
  7. The sleeves aren’t too long, just wear them rolled up - So they are too long
  8. It’s see through because it’s meant to be worn with that t-shirt - (American Vintage, I’m looking at you). Either you sell the two as a package, or you sort out the fabric
  9. It’s see through but you can wear a slip underneath - Or you could just have lined it properly and saved me the bother
  10. The label is very visible but you can cut it off - And start an Excel spreadsheet with the fabric composition and washing instructions for all my clothes?
  11. I’m not sure about the colour but the cut is perfect for you - I wasn’t aware this was an either or situation
  12. You should take this dress, the bottom fits you perfectly - And the top…?
  13. It’s not my fault if none of the dresses you picked fit your body shape - Suggest one that does then. I dare you
  14. I’ve seen pictures of Cheryl Cole wearing something similar - Let’s just put it back on the rack
  15. This is so fashionable at the moment - And will therefore be impossible to wear by the end of the summer
  16. Black/Grey/Brown is very in this winter - “Flowers? For Spring? Groundbreaking”
  17. It’s meant to look like that - No it’s not, it’s just badly cut
  18. It will stop itching with time - 80% wool, I don’t think so
  19. The shoes will get easier to walk in - Do I look like a heel virgin to you? Don’t answer that
  20. There’s only one changing room, I needed the other one for stock - Preferably uttered on a Saturday afternoon, during the sales
  21. Sorry your size is on display on the mannequin, but you can try one size up or down - That’s relevant because…?
  22. You should try the size 4, this is meant to be oversize anyway - Am I meant to drown in it?
  23. I don’t have the pale green pleated size 34 skirt you’re asking for but I do have bright orange size 36 trousers if you want to try them? - Were you paying attention?

This is a collaborative list established with Fashion Carrousel.

Photo from Elle Muliarchyk Dressing Room self portrait series

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