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Blog title from Hadley Freeman's book The Meaning of Sunglasses : "Prada styles itself as the label it's OK for intellectual feminists to like".

The author is a bilingual fashion editor, writer and translator with a serious blog, cinema and magazine habit.

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  1. Wash and iron entire content of the laundry basket (NB: Find good DVDs to watch while ironing)
  2. Fill the fridge (NB: Only pick things easy to cook/eat late at night, on little sleep)
  3. Plan outfits (NB: No matter what, you’ll end up in jeans and Converse the weekend before)
  4. Find a reliable weather app so you can carry out #3. This is London, rain as good as guaranteed. (NB: Fortune tellers also work)
  5. Take show outfit to the dry cleaners, show shoes to the cobbler (NB: Don’t forget to pick them up before the show, or fear morning panic)
  6. Pick books to read in public transports (NB: Avoid nightmare fashion tales)
  7. Email friends and family to remind them this is fashion week and you’re about to disappear, no need to send a search party
  8. Suggest to friends and family the brand social media feeds as the best way to keep up with your schedule (NB: Get them on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest specially for the occasion)
  9. Email to friends and family: Subject line: Fashion Show Reminder. Dear all, This is a reminder the show will be livestreamed on at xxPM. (NB, my dad: “So your shows always are on Mondays?”)
  10. Prepare for a friends and family show postmortem (NB: Take bets on which looks they’ll like and hate, on how many times they’ll say “who would wear that?”)
  11. Write apology letters for all the people you’re going to stand up (NB: Stop making fashion week plans)
  12. Renew your herbal sleeping aid supply
  13. Fit in as many yoga classes as possible to convince yourself your body is ready (NB: No matter how many you go to, this is an illusion)
  14. Mentally prepare yourself to scour all kinds of publications to look for pictures of yourself at the show (NB: The Daily Mail might hold the only proof you were sitting behind Samantha Cameron, make your peace with it)
  15. Make a list of all that went wrong last show (NB: Be prepared for them to go wrong again)
  16. Save £20 for the cab ride home the evening of the show (NB: Take advantage of it to carry out #10)
  17. Book post-show holidays, also known as snoozefest (NB: Booking might be overstating it here. Buying cinema tickets is closer to reality)
  18. Make a list of all things you’ll do once fashion week is over (NB: Hoover, iron, launder, dust do not count)
  19. Accept you won’t read you RSS aggregator for a while and will have no idea of the trends shown in New York (NB: Or Milan for that matter, it’s called catching up on sleep)
  20. Accept your blog will not be updated for a while (NB: Some would say that’s what the queue and scheduling options are for)
  21. Plan a fashion brunch with fellow fashion workers to whine about pre-fashion week dread, during fashion week stress and post-fashion week exhaustion (NB: All the while knowing none of you would switch industry)
  22. Smile every time someone says “you’re so lucky to work on this show and see the collection before everyone else” and its flip side “who cares, it’s just clothes, no one is saving lives here” (NB: Consider turning it into a drinking game)
  23. Remind yourself why you work in fashion.

Thanking @miss_vicki/Girls Do Film for her suggestions

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