It's OK for intellectual feminists to like fashion

Blog title from Hadley Freeman's book The Meaning of Sunglasses : "Prada styles itself as the label it's OK for intellectual feminists to like".

The author is a bilingual fashion editor, writer and translator with a serious blog, cinema and magazine habit.

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Gucci Première: Experience The New Fragrance For Women

Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose: Le Nouveau Parfum Féminin/The New Feminine Fragrance

Gucci Guilty: The New Fragrance For Her

Prada L’Eau Ambrée: The New Fragrance By Prada

Helena Rubinstein Wanted: The New Fragrance Worn by Demi Moore

Givenchy Dahlia Noir: The New Fragrance

Bottega Veneta: The First Fragrance For Women

Michael Kors Island: The New Fragrance For Women

Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One: The New Fragrance

Nina Ricci Nina: The New Magical Fragrance

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty: A New Fragrance

Vera Wang Love Struck: Introducing The New Fragrance

Paco Rabanne Lady Million: The New Fragrance

DKNY Golden Delicious: The New Fragrance For Women

Valentino: The New Fragrance

Alberta Ferretti: The New Fragrance

Marc Jacobs Lola: The New Fragrance for Women

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